Germany's Bayern-Park will premiere Stadlgaudi 4D in 2018, the world's first Farm Fair GameChanger interactive ride.

Stadlgaudi 4D is a brand new interactive attraction where riders are seated in themed wagons and taken through four scenes. Riders interact with the scenes using cannons and collect points as they go. At the end points are totalled up and the final scores revealed.

This new rotating dark ride has been developed by Lagotronics Projects and will open in May 2018.

Stadlgaudi 4D features three main characters (Horse, Cat and Rooster) that come up with the idea of organising a Farm Fair and invite riders to come along and play some fun carnival style shooting games.

Mark Beumers, CEO at Lagotronics Projects:

“When I visited this beautiful park I was immediately convinced that our brand new rotating dark ride concept with the Farm Fair IP would be the perfect addition here.”

Stadlgaudi 4D isn't the only new addition at Bayern-Park this year, with two further attractions joining the lineup; children's rides Bulldogfahrt and Hoftierrennen, plus a pirate magic show.